Class Details

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The NRA Basic Pistol course is designed to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely. This course is mandated by the state of Ohio to be 12 hours long including 10 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range instruction. Armed2Defend includes information and discussion on pistol, holster, and defensive ammunition selection; including tips on how to how to safely use, conceal, and draw your firearm. Additional instruction is given on making you and your home safer, differences and importance of awareness levels, responding to a possible break-in,  avoiding a confrontation, confronting an attacker, if you must shoot, and the aftermath of a defensive shooting

The course is designed to start with the basics and then progress to more advanced allows it be appropriate for all levels, even for students who have never held a gun before. Owning a gun is not a requirement for the class nor for obtaining a license. If you are planning on purchasing a handgun to carry, I would recommend not purchasing until after the course so that you can test different types of guns at the range and our classroom discussion can help to guide you to a successful purchase. Even though no one can tell you what will meet your needs the best, more information, experience,  and points of view can help to make the purchasing decision easier and more successful.

Class fees include all classroom and range materials but not lunch.

The instructor will provide the pistols necessary for training at the range. You can bring your own pistol to the range but please inform the instructor if you bring one. Please follow Ohio law when transporting your firearms. Details are in this link.

At the range you’ll have the opportunity to shoot several different calibers. The instructor can help you in selecting a handgun, holster, and ammo if you are looking to purchase one.


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